"Milkshake this kind of famous name, it sounds tall, in fact, milk or yogurt with vegetables and fruits, stir, it is very simple. Our family has a small child, almost every week to give him a few times. For the nutritional balance, the fruit vegetables are always mixed. The highest speech rate is the milkshake of avocado. The avocado is known as the pure milk with a clever fruit, and the protein content is high, and the nutrition is richer. Milk Organic pure milk, it is the original original milk mellow, because it is organic, so it is especially suitable for your child, and the family treasure is more than four years old. Now I always give him a milkshake. "


1. 1 pure milk 150g, carrot 100g, excipient yogurt 100g, fruity taste, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Fruits and vegetable Milkshaldion practice steps

1 Cadre peeled nuclear cut

2 milk and avocado put into the broken wall and stir

3 Stuffed oily milkshake pour into the lower part of the cup

Carrot slice

5 yogurt and carrots put into the wall

6 is stirred into a paste. Yogurt is used in sugar, not add sugar.

7 carrot milkshake pour into the cup, do it.


I like to give my child a taste, no sugar. It can be suitably add sugar or honey.