"" The avocado itself contains very rich dietary fiber, calculated in units of 100 minutes, and the dietary fiber containing the butter is 6.7 grams, and the apples we often contain only 2.4 grams even with skin food.It is natural to mention our dietary fiber.Although it cannot be digested in the small intestine, it can stimulate the intestinal peristalsis, which helps digest and increase the amount of distress, and improve constipation.Absolutely the health of intestines ... "


Ingredients of avocado, 1st banana, 1 accessories, sweet flavor, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Pathforming steps of vegetarians

1 Preparation of ingredients: as shown.

2 Put all ingredients into the stirring cup cover the cover.

3 hit a minute.

4 It is better to put out the cup and the sweet and delicate and delicious.

5 finished chart.

6 finished chart.

7 Breakfast is a great.