The main amount of the board, the amount of peanut, the amount of millet, the amount of the accessories, the amount of pure water, the original taste, other processes, HALF hours, ordinary difficulty,

Practice for chestnut peanut Soybean Milk

1 peanut, millet, glutinous rice cleaning clean soaking overnight (refrigerated refrigerator).

2 Chestnut peeling spare.

3 put the ingredients into the broken wall and add the right amount of pure water.

4 cover the cover, enable power, and press the nutrient pass.

5 times, the nutrition paste is good.

6 into a bowl (very fragrant).

7 finished chart.


Peanuts, millet, glutinous rice wash soaked overnight (refrigerated refrigeration) After soaking, the taste is more delicate!Personally like the original, you can add rock sugar!