"Winter boiled Soybean Milk, don't put the soybeans, add 3 things, a cup of face, the face is ruddy, the temperament is good! The weather is cold, breakfast is hot Soybean Milk, the body is warm, the day is comfortable, study and work God! Soybean Milk at home, more of this 3 kinds of food: red dates, Wolfberry, peanuts, healthy nutrition, drink, especially girls, often drink such Soybean Milk, face ruddy, even cosmetics can not be used. Soybean on the market MILK machines, choose a Soybean Milk machine that is suitable for you. Select Soybean Milk machine to remember: First, breaking Soybean Milk is more common Soybean Milk machine to be easy to use, broken wall Soybean Milk non-slag, Soybean Milk. Second: Soybean Milk has heating, no heating, the Soybean Milk machine for the family is recommended to choose heat, can save Soybean Milk, finish Soybean Milk directly, step in place. Third: Soybean Milk machine size, according to family selection, Soybean Milk is now drinking, fresh Soybean Milk is not only good for drinking, but the nutritional value is easier to absorb. Choose a high-quality Soybean Milk machine is also very important, I use the kitchen technology milk tea Broken walls, meet the daily use of a family, small clothes do not occupy the place. Not only can Soybean Milk, but you can boil tea, coffee, and juice. "


Ingredients with 25 grams of soybeans, excipient red dates, Wolfberry5, peanuts 3,


5 grams of white sugar, sweet taste, boiled process, TWO minutes, advanced difficulty,

Red jujube peanut Soybean Milk practice steps

1 (below the ingredient ratio of 250 to 280ml) ingredients: 25 grams of soybeans, Wolfberry5, peanuts, 1 red dates, 5 grams of white sugar, 250 grams of drinking water.

2 Yellow beans are placed in a ceramic bowl, poured into water, immerse, soak for 6 hours. Pick high-quality soybeans, granules full, no black, no bad fruit. Bad soy soybean milk, taste is not good, will eat bad stomach.

3 red dates to the core, cut the block. Peanuts, Wolfberry, also put in a bowl, clean, remove drained water, do not need to be soaked.

4 Take the soaked soy into the water and put it into the Soybean Milk machine, then red jujube, Wolfberry, peanuts. Finally, pour 250ml drink cold water, boil Soybean Milk to use cold water, then Soybean Milk is good, boil.

5 Cover the cover, choose Soybean Milk, automatically pose the soybean into Soybean Milk, and heating to 99 degrees, one button is getting it, it is very convenient.

6SOYBEAN MILK is good, will automatically stop, after opening, put a small spoon of white sugar, gently stir, a cup of hot beans will boil.


1. Boiled Soybean Milk at home, can increase or decrease some ingredients according to their own situation, not only the mouth is good, the taste is good, and the nutritional value will double. 2. Each Soybean Milk is different, some should be filtered, I use the broken Soybean Milk machine, no slag, one button can be Soybean Milk, which is very convenient. 3. Boiled Soybean Milk's ingredients must choose high quality, soybeans, boil Soybean Milk will suffer, affect nutrition.