"My family is a breakfast, and the choice of breakfast drinks is not much. Most of the time will drink Soybean Milk or milk, Soybean Milk can transform the type of species more, I also shared a lot before Matching Soybean Milk, we are usually used to make Soybean Milk with various cereals, in fact, Soybean Milk can be a variety of diverse, can juice the ingredients can be added, each ingredients have different nutrition Ingredients, a small cup of a small day, accumulated that our body is more healthy. The Soybean Milk shared today is a plus fragrant and purple potato to make it, and it also puts oatmeal, these kinds of ingredients It is very healthy to lose fat, and the taste of fragrance is also very popular, so the Soybean Milk is delicate and smooth, the taste is particularly good, and how much is not afraid of gain, especially suitable for weight loss fitness, If you want to squeeze the Soybean Milk color is more purple, you can add the right amount of purple potato powder. I share the effect of adding purple potato powder today. Natural health, adult children love to drink. "


Main talt 15g, purple potato 15g, excipient oatmeal 10g, pure water 300ml,


2 spoon of sugar, original taste, squeezing process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Practice steps of scented purple potato Soybean Milk

1 Prepare all ingredients, taro, purple potatoes, oatmeal can be used to eat oatmeal.

2 Tarnors and purple potatoes are cleaned with peeled, cut into small Ding.

Add tarodal, purple potato, ready-to-peas, add pure water to 300 ml of water level.

4 cover the cover, select the concentrate Soybean Milk mode, click the confirmation button, and the Soybean Milk starts work.

After about 20 minutes, the Soybean Milk machine ended, and the squeezed Soybean Milk was poured into the cup, and the super delicate and smooth, there is no need to filter Soybean Milk, which does not have the slag, perfect.

6 Add an appropriate amount of white sugar, stir it to melt, you can drink, taste good ~