"Peanut red dates Soybean milk nutrients, including protein, dietary fiber, vegetable oil, trace elements, these nutrients can supplement the body's loss of nutrients, but also have the effect of beauty and beauty."


Ingredients 80g, peanut 50g, red dates,


Sugar amount, sweet taste, squeezing process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Peanut red dates Soybean Milk practice steps

1 Prepare the required ingredients.

2 soybeans soak in advance.

3 peanuts will also be soaked in advance.

4 It is clean and clean.

5 red dates are also cleaned.

6 Remove the red dates.

7 All ingredients are placed in the Soybean Milk machine.

8 Add water to the highest water level line.

9 Press the grain slurry function key to wait for the end.

10 Stuffed Soybean Milk is filtered with the filter. More delicate.

11 Add appropriate amount of sugar to taste.

12 peanut red dates Soybean Milk is done ~


According to their own situation, add some ingredients, not only the mouth is good, the taste is good, and the nutritional value will double.