"Carrots rich in carrots are vitamin A. This vitamin is fat-soluble vitamins, especially suitable for cooking and edible with higher oil-containing food."


Ingredients Soy TWO, carrot proper amount, accessories pure water mode, yogurt oatmeal,


Sweet potato, original taste, other processes, hours, simple difficulty,

Practice steps of carrots Soybean Milk

1 take carrots and sweet potatoes.

2 cut.

3 Non-transgenic soybeans.

4 Pick up the bad.

5 Wash soaked.

6 Put the Soybean Milk Cup.

7 put sweet potatoes and carrots, add pure water.

8 Break the wall to choose the fast Soybean Milk.

9 hit Soybean Milk.

10 open.

11 Put some yogurt.

12 finished products.


Sweet potato as a condiment, can not be put.