Main material depth or moderate baking coffee 40g, accessories cool open water 380g, milk mode, square sugar mode, other taste, other processes, time consuming, simple difficulty,

Practice steps

140 grams of coffee beans (I used Starbucks' depth roasted coffee beans) grungy powder.

2 Grinding coffee powder is placed in a glass container.

3 Pour the cooling water, powder and water of the water, and water is 1: 4.Slightly shake or stir, so that the coffee powder and water are mixed, and the refrigerator is added to the refrigerator for 12 hours.

4 Filter.I am used to filtered coffee plus appropriate amount of food to continue to put refrigerators.This extraction of coffee can be kept longer, you can do more in the refrigerator once, even if you don't make ice, it is already cool.

5 cups to the right amount of coffee and isometric pure milk (can also determine the amount of milk according to your own preference), stir well, start to enjoy the delicious coffee!