"" "Bitter coffee, there is a lot of milk, and there is a small coffee machine for a long time. I have never used it. I have seen it inadvertently think of it. Cappuccino, but I don't seem to be authentic..Cabuccino is a kind of Italian coffee that adds the same amount of Italian special espresso and steam foam milk phase.At this time, the color of the coffee is like a monk of the Cabuccino church, so it is called Cappuccino as a headscarf in a dark brown coat. "


Main material, 2G, water 200ml, accessories milk 20g, sugar 5g, milk flavor, boiled process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice for homemade cappuccino

1 ingredients are ready.

2 Pack the coffee powder into the coffee filter.

3 Coffee machine water tank plus appropriate amount of water.

4 milk heated.

5 After the coffee is cooked, add the milk to sugar.

6 Pour the Half Cup of coffee in the pouring good milk, a cup of coffee, a simple cappuccino is doing a good job.