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Main material coffee powder 15g, excipient refining, other tastes, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Vietnamese drip coffee practice steps

1 Pour in the coffee cup into the right amount of refinement, take 15g of coffee powder.

2 Put the base of the dripping pot on the cover, pour the coffee powder into the dripping pot, gently spread it in the bottom layer, pour a little water to moist it, and press the pressure plate.

3 Pour a small amount of water for "stuffing", the water is just hurt the coffee powder, and the hourglass is transferred to the coffee cup after 20 seconds.

4 poured into a hot water around 90 degrees, fell to the entire hourglass, and stand for a few minutes.

5 Always stand for about 3 minutes, stir the coffee with the milk mixed milk, a delicious Vietnamese drip coffee is basically completed!