"When I got an eye, I went to the New Year's carnival. This year, I have chosen the house at home. I have a small snack. I will see the New Year's Eve party in Hunan Taiwan. It is waiting for the year. Thinking that it may be overnight, Sorry prepare a cup of coffee to you. Recently, the friend sent a can Grant's Fusion coffee. The quick-dissolved coffee seen at the time of peace. This coffee powder is not a powder, but the granules, the taste is very fragrant. Single drink The coffee is not meaningful, adding some coconut powder, with a coconut milk sea salt milk, um ~~ "


Significant Grant Fusion coffee 2 tablespoons, light cream 20ml + 50ml, coconut powder 16 + 16g, hot water 200ml, sea salt, 20g, accessories water 20g, sweet taste, other process, ten minutes, simple difficulty ,

Practice for strong coconut milk coffee

1 Prepare the required ingredients.

2 Put the Grant coffee powder and 16G coconut powder into the cup, add hot water, stir well, put it on one side.

3 After the coffee is cool, add 20 ml whipped cream, stir even.

4Glutinous Rice powder is added to the water mixed group, and it is a small meatball.

Put the right amount of water in the 5 pot, and the small meatballs that have been opened, wait until the small mear floats, pick up the cool water, standby.

6 is then made of milk covered. 50ml whipped cream is added to 16G coconut powder and a proper amount of sea salt, which is sent to the state as shown.

7 combination. Coffee is added to the dairy, put on the Glutinous Rice meatball, sprinkle with coffee powder, get it.