"Sprite not only only has a routine drinking method of drinks, it can be a base of graded chicken tail. The proportion of wine is slightly better than water, so all with color wine, use shunt cups to slowly inject along the wine glass, you can get a cupSimple cocktail with gradient colors. "


INDUSTRY HALF, Sprite 100ml, Rio Blue Vegetable Wine 50 ml, 1 piece of lemon slices, sour taste, skill technology, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice steps for hundreds of full of cocktails

1 hundred full of fruit is divided into two, only one HALF

2 a Half Passion fruit is loaded into the Red Wine Cup

3 Join Half Cup Ice Snow

4 to remove most of the bubbles with a small spoon

5 Gently vibrate the wine glass and place the Two minute to eliminate some bubbles

6RIO blue gas wine poured into the shunt cup, slowly injected into the Red Wine Cup along the Wine Cup

7 a glass of sour and delicious, lip and teeth, yellow green, gradient, low, cocktail, is doing it.

8 ice is sweet and sweet, and the taste of a passion fruit is too suitable for summer.