"Rio cocktail, there is a variety of fruit pre-tiers, not only fruits of fragrance, but also the coolness of alcohol, refreshing, long aftertaste. Purple is a color of the temptation, but also distinguished colors , Elegant, noble, mysterious and slightly melancholy temperament, it is difficult to forget, combined with Rio purple grape brandy, cocktail, cocktail is more beautiful, moving. "



Purple fascination of purple cocktail steps

1 Prepare the desired ingredients RIO purple grape brandy cocktail, Sprite, ice

2 cups poured into the Half cup of snow

3 put in ice cubes

4 Place the small spoon on the cup, slowly pour the rio purple grape brandy cocktail

5 Cocktail and Sprint

6 purple is fascinating, beautiful


1, ice cubes are freeze in advance, the amount can be added according to their own preferences, when the cocktail is poured, the small spoon should be posted at the cup, let the cocktail slow down, in order to show the effect of gradient 3, according to your own favorite, Free transform RIO colorful cocktail, there will be different effects.