"Mojito originated from Cuba. Traditional Mogito is made from light Ram, Sugar Canejuice, cargo juice, soda water and mint. There is no soda and lime, I willChange into Sprite and Lemon, using cocktails (lemon rum) modulation, taste is also very good, very suitable for me this kind of wine. "


Substant cocktail 260g, Sprite 50g, 1 lemon, 4 pieces of excipient mint leaves, sour taste, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Mojito improvement version of the practice steps

1 Prepare the ingredients;

2 mint leaves were washed;

3 揉 手 手;;

4 put into the cup;

5 lemon surface Some salt, washing clean;

6-third of the slice;

7 lemon slices into the cup;

8 The left is three-thirds, extruding the lemon juice into the cup;

9 pour it into the snow;

10 pour into the cocktail;

11 Stir with chopsticks, cover the cup, put the refrigerator and refrigerate and drink again;

12 finished products;


1. Cocktail, Sprite can be refrigerated in advance, so you can eat it directly; 2. Lemon juice plus your own taste.