"Homemade cocktail wine, simple and delicious"


Mainly ridiculous, 2 bottles, excipient blueberry

Practices for rio cocktail wine

1 Wash all fruits

2 Cut the fruit into small di blocks, and the mint only takes a bud, and then put it in a frozen, a fruit places a lattice.

3 ice cleans filled with water, no fruit

4 Remove a piece of block after freezing

5 put some color ice cubes in the cup

6 Finally open the cocktail into the cup

7 is done


Tips: 1. Remember to drink this cup before the ice is melted, otherwise the ice is not so good, but the taste will also dilute 2. Xiaobian recommended to do this to put the mold in advance one night in advancePut the ice frozen, the next day, you can use it directly.