"Yogurt, only one mango yogurt? How can you say that it is, is it ~ Taking into account the big, everyone's needs, we launched the practice of strawberry water peach yoghurt."


Ingredients 30g, strawberry fruit 25g, strawberry 25g, yogurt 150g, accessories drink release point ice sugar 55g, straight drink 50ml, ice cubes 150g, other taste, other processes, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Practice of strawberry peach yoghurt

1 pour your yogurt

2 yogurt hanging, it is best to choose some soy milk at a high thickness

3 put a strawberry grain

4 put in peach

5 put into strawberry

6 put into ice cubes

7 direct drinking water

8 ice sugar

9 stir evenly

10 Pour to the Cup.


Water peaches choose Beijing peach, strawberry chooses milk strawberry.