"Recent major manufacturers are doing portable juice machines, and a friend circle is almost one. Because the convenience and multi-function success replace the status of the ordinary cup at home, especially in this season of watermelon, a cup of watermelon can buy it outside. More cost-effective. The portable juice machine of the Emperor is higher because of the price ratio, so I chose it, the color has Two species, pink and blue, I chose pink, transparent cups with silicone anti-slip sleeves, grasp the comfort, match There is a portable rope, when you go out, you can do it, double-click the start button, avoid the child is nothing to make, press it, unscrew the cover, the cutter is on the cover, I am worried about opening the switch when I accidentally opened the switch Is it dangerous, I tried it, I found that I couldn't start the cover, I didn't worry about it, I didn't worry, there was a charging socket on one side. I usually have a soft plug to prevent water, charging. The equipment with the USB socket can be used, and it can be used several times. When I bought a little yellow peach in my friends, I didn't have time to eat. I didn't have time to eat. I didn't have a portable juice. I decided to use it. If Sauce is trying, the yellow peach is boiled, and it is also specially cut the small piece. I didn't add sugar. I can't play. The result is not bad. I have turned it. I have no card. I put a few slightly big. Block experiment, there is nothing, such a cheap price performance is good, and finally the yellow peach sauce is very delicious, and it is a perfect match with my milk. "


Ingredients with water, 250 grams of yoghurt, oculated wheat germ, coconut fruit, sweet taste, squeezing process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice steps of yellow peach yoghurt

1 Prepare the ingredients.

2 yellow peach cutting small pieces.

3 Put the juice cup.

4 Screw the cover double-click to start, poured over and down, wait for the yellow peach to become delicate mud.

5 a Half yogurt poured into the cup.

6 pour a layer of yellow peach sauce, gums and wheat germs.

7 Follow another Half yogurt and yellow peach Sauce, with a few coconut fruits above.


Some hard fruits are not good to remove the small pieces and add some water or milk.