"Ricai Yogurt International Name KEFIR, Domestic is called Kafier or Kaifier, Japan is called Ricai Yogurt (the tympions is called the law). The characteristics of Richei species: normal temperature fermentation, no need to use yogurt machine."


Sign in Several species 1 package (Kefir bacteria), 1 to 2 liters of additional milk, sugar amount (or honey), original taste, unknown difficulty,

Practice for homemade rhabdom yogurt

1 boiled water bursts to disinfect, add pure milk

2 Join the sea (Kefir Kfield yogurt fermented bacteria, 5 grams of fermentation 1 to 2 kg yogurt per package.

3 Stir until dissolved, this link can be added to sugar, or the addition of honey after fermentation.

4 cover the cover seal fermentation, or seal with a plastic film

5 Waiting for 20 hours of fermentation, it is recommended to stir well, and the refrigeration will be better.


1, white sugar amount: 1000ml of whole milk is added to 70g of sugar, 1000ml degreased milk is added to 90 g.2. The weight loss population is recommended to add honey.