"I am quit sugar, I really want to eat sweets, full of desserts, so many-Hong Kong desserts all put too much sugar, the yogurt sold in the supermarket also has a lot of sugar, I have to do it yourself ~ Homemade Bifidobacteria is very simple, use 750 -1000ml Mengniu all fat milk, poured into a yogurt machine, poured into a small bifidobacterium fermentation bacterium, set 8 hours, will be done in the morning! This natural yogurt is very sour, there is no sweet taste, but Katemang is very sweet, TWO is mixed after mixing, there is no need to put sugar again. "


The main material is self-made cotton 1 bowl, Kate mango HALF, accessories black sesame, sour taste, mixing process, ten minutes, simple difficulties,

Sugar conjugate scenario

1 Use Catemang fruit, more meat, high sweetness, no fiber, slid

2 to Half cut, cross the knife flower, open

3 One piece is cut down, directly into the mixer, leave a small Half into the bowl standby.

4 puzzle my milk into the mixer

5 A lot of small bubbles like this are stirred, and in the bowl.

6 put the mango dies just now in the middle

7 is surrounded by a black sesame (fried) embellishment


☆ Sour sweetness can be mastered, yogurt multi-mouth is more acid, and Mango will be more sweet. ☆ When stirring, there will be a lot of small bubbles inside the yoghurt, which will make the mouthfuls! Gray is often delicious!