"Yogurt is a kind of weight loss milk for girls, adding fruits, tastes more delicious, special nutrition. Yogurt's nutrition is better than fresh milk, you can add rich calcium and a variety of vitamins, but you have to pay attention to the market.Yogurt drink is not a real yogurt. After you buy it, pay attention to the nutritional table above, the solar milk protein is greater than 2. The beverage is only more than 1.0, and the beverage is completely unsolicited. Again, then, a yogurt is absorbed, it will destroy it.Nutrition. "


Point-made yogurt 1 cup, accessories of persimmons, 1 pomegranate, sweet taste, mixing process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Pattern of fruit yogurt

1 Preparation of ingredients

2 persimmon washes slices

3 Don't use the mold

4 chopped flowers along the glass wrap

5 pour your yogurt

6 put the pomegranate onto your yogurt

More than 7 places you look delicious

8 finally dotted.


Yogurt's fruit is in accordance with your favorite look.