"Since I learned to make yoghurt, I rarely buy a commercially available yogurt. Homemade the original flavorful sugar yogurt mouth is soft, light, milk is rich, smooth, can drink directly, can also match fruit sauce, fruit, snack, Can also be used to make yogurt vegetables fruit salad. "


Disposable milk 400 grams, 1 gram of ivocuria, blueberry sauce, original taste, other processes, hours time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Practice for homemade original sugar-free yogurt

1 Materials and utensils are ready: skim milk, yogurt, yogurt cup, heating lunch box, boiling water.

2 measuring cups, yogurt cups, lids, and spoons are all entered into the large pots, and the boiling water is poured.

3 Take the cup, cover, do not touch the inside of the cup, prevent pollution; the water of the hot cup is placed into the heating lunch box.

4 a small amount of milk is poured into the cup, poured into the cute bacteria, and then poured into the milk and dispel the bacteria, stirred with a spoon to the germ culture.

5 milk poured into the yogurt cup, 9 points, cover the lid.

The 6 yogurt cups are placed in a hot lunch box, covering the lid, energized.

7 Operation on the mobile app, yogurt can be completed 8 hours; you can do a few steps above the night, you can drink cooling sweet yogurt on the next morning.

8 This is a natural yogurt that is solid, can be done directly, or add sauce or honey, fruit and other edible.

9 Homemade Original Surrust, Nutrition, Refreshing and Appetizing!


1. It can be made of yogurt with all fat milk or skim milk; the success rate of milk is very high, and it is more easy to success with the use of yogurt. It is less successful with yogurt; it is not recommended. Use; The container is diverse, not limited to the heating lunch box in the article.