"Watermelon jelly is a dessert, bright color, realistic, smooth taste, and inlet."


Significant watermelon juice 250g, accessories white lime powder 10g, sweet taste, boiled process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Watermelon jelly practices

1 small watermelon one, one is divided into two.

2 dig down the flesh, the flesh is squeezed into juice.

3 Filter a good watermelon juice 250g.

410G white lime powder.

5 White looked in watermelon juice, heat is heated.

6 while stirring to boiling, shutting down.

7 Strong to watermelon leather container.

8 will be solidified in a while.Cut a tooth with a tooth, disc.

9 finished products.

10 finished products.

11 finished products.


Watermelon is very sweet, I have no additional sugar.