"The resveratrol contained in grapes is not available, resveratrol is a strong antioxidant, can remove free radicals, eliminate cancer, delay aging; and rich dietary fiber in grapesJianwei intestine, prevent constipation and colorectal cancer. "


Main material grape 5 ~ 10 capsules, cold water 300ml, foreign vegetable powder 20g, 蒟 蒻 蒻 50g, excipient honey, taste, squeezing, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice for grape jelly

1 grape was washed, put it into the juice machine, add honey, and stir well.2 蒟蒻 Wash, cut into 1 cubic minite.3 put 1 in the pot, boil it with a small fire, and then pour it into the ocea powder to dissolve it.4 The model is placed in Ding, and then poured into 3. When it is cooled, then put it into the refrigerator.


When you purchase, you can go to the big store or the supermarket, you can also buy a powder, pick it up in the package.