"Is still buying jelly to the child? Do you have no health, supplement, calcium supplement, and children like it. Since the jelly broke a lot of negative news, I didn't dare to buy it to the child, but the jelly fragrance, Sleep is the favorite of the children, doing a two-color jelly in the home tomato juice, not only sweet, but also calcium supplement vitamins. There are more lycopene content in tomato juice, but also contain a variety of organic acids In addition to protecting the mission C is not destroyed, it can soften the blood tube, promote the absorption of calcium and iron elements to help gastric juice digest fat and protein, which is the other vegetables, especially the ideal tomato juice of this tomato, Striobuy, super good taste, it uses Xinjiang's tomato, and the sun is better, there is no additive, I choose it to do the child's favorite jelly. "


An ideal tomato juice 450 grams, 200 grams of milk, 20 grams of accessories, 2 pieces of fish film, sour taste, other processes, one hour, simple, simple,

Pathforming steps of tomato juice two-color jelly

1 All materials are called.

2 pour a little tomato juice into a bowl.

3 fish films are soft with cold water, which can remove the smell of fish film, which is made of natural fish bones, can be worried, add to tomato juice.

4 Slightly heated with a microwave oven for 5 seconds, and the fish gum can melt.

5 Stir well, pour the stirred mix evenly in the ideal tomato juice of all tomatoes.

6 This tomato juice is thick, it is best for jelly, sweet and sweet, and the children also like it.

7 Heart-shaped mold washed, poured tomato juice into 6 points, put it into the refrigerator for about 1 hour.

8 milk is added to the sugar powder and fish tissue, stir evenly.

9 Add milk to have cooled tomato jelly above.

10 Entering the refrigerator for about 1 hour, it can be taken out.

11 is simple, the shape of the mold has a round, square, and the like from the shape of the mold.

12 The practice is also super simple, don't learn you, but you will lose money.

13 taste delicious, the entrance is instant.


1. It is actually very simple to give the child, and this tomato juice is natural, sweet and sour appetizer. 2, the free time can not be too short, too short, not good to demold.