"Today, share a tender dragon fruit yoghurt, sweet and delicate super delicious. Key to low sugar, healthy and nutritious! Simple, color value explosion, you want to try it!"


Some yogurt 200g, red fire dragon flesh 60g, sugar 15g, Geely Ding 10g, accessories Coconut, sweet flavor, other processes, TWO minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Practice pattern of dragon fruit acid sawed

1 Fire Dragon fruit cut small piece, Geely Dingfu cold water, box in the box, coconut, anti-stick (or pad layer plastic wrap).

2 Put the pulp into juice.

3 Milk pot plus sugar, juice.

4 squeezed gilly.

5 is heated and stirred to gilly.

6 Let's cool to hand warm, add yogurt.

7 Pour into the box, refrigerate for 1 hour or more to completely solidify.

8 cut small pieces.

9 Wrap Coconut.

10 is ready to eat.

11 sweet and delicious, taste a good.


Geely Ding is stirred to melt!In the box, you can pack a layer of plastic wrap!