"If you purchase the peach, you can use it to do honey sauce. Sweet, clear, clear, you can add oolong tea, bubble water, or make bread sandwich and wipe, you can match something like Come to eat. "


Significant water peach 4 - 5, 1 lemon, 150-200 grams of white sugar, the amount of excipient salt, sweet taste, boiled process, three times when it consumes, ordinary difficulties,

Practice for Homemade Sauce

1 Water peach first is washed with salt, then remove the peel and fruit core, the peel and the fruit will be cooked together, and the color will look better. Peach flesh cut into small pieces.

2 Lemon squeezed with lemon juice.

3 Put the meat to put 200 grams of white sugar, extruded lemon juice.

4 cover plastic wrap, pick 1-2 hours.

5 First put the peel and fruit a little water, cook for 10-15 minutes.

6 After the color is cooked, the peel and fruit core are lost.

7 Put the marinated peach flesh, slowly cook until the fire.

8 Midway pay attention to the floating foam.

9 I cooked, there is a bit confusing, the color is also particularly deep. _ (| 3 "∠) _ _

10 Pour into the jar after cool. (Note: Tan remember to use water in advance, dry water)

11 honey peach sauce, complete o (∩_∩) o

12 sweet honey, clear and cool, you can eat something like it.


1. The marinated flesh will be easier to boil 2, lemon juice can be solid color antioxidant, and regulate the taste. 3, the peaches should choose the flesh pecles, the colors made are beautiful, and the fruit Sauce, which is made, there is not so good, but the taste is also good! 4, the proportion of flesh and sugar, it is best to add 2: 1 principles. If you want more sticky, you can add sugar amount and cooking time. 5, the amount of sugar is not fixed, if you don't like sweet, you can reduce some, if the sugar amount is low, the shelf life will also be shortened.