"Sweet hawthorn, spleen appetizing, qi, blood circulation, blood pressure, blood fat, etc.


Main material Hawthorn 800g, sugar 100g, accessories for water, salt 2g, sour taste, boiled process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Homemade Hawthorn Fruit Sauce steps

1 Raw materials: hawthorn and sugar.

2 Hawthorn washed, went to the core, go to Ti.I used my hand one by one, I have used it.

Pour in the right amount of water in the 3 pot, and the amount of water is not much, because the water will be slowed down later.Pour the hawthorn into the pot.

4 fire boiled, when the hawthorn is soft, you can press the spoon to press the hawthorn, into a mud, add sugar, and close the fire.

5 Add salt.

6 When the moisture is small, the mixture should be stitched to prevent the bottom of the stick.You can turn off the fire to the sticky you need.

7 Hawthorn Sauce, you can eat a snack, you can also wipe the bread, sweet appetite.


The water of the Tanweth is put less, otherwise it will increase the time.