Sub-egg 2, excipient cream cheese 100g, fresh cream 200g, milk 280g, fine sugar 60g, lemon juice 5g, sweet flavor, other processes, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Classic cheese pudding practice steps

1 cream cheese is softened, and the fine sugar is stirred with egg meat.

2 Add lemon juice to continue stirring.

3 Add milk and fresh milk to stir even.

4 Eggs were dissipated and stirred.

5 Filter the cloth.

6 Put the high temperature-resistant bottle, 150-degree water bath method for 30 to 40 minutes.Insert a toothpick and go in, just stand it.Don't take it out after turning off the oven, take out after an hour in the oven.


Put it in the refrigerator for one night, you must eat it after you are refrigerated!!the taste of happiness.