"Today, a super simple milk caramel cloth. It is best to eat in history! It is one of it! It is low, milk is rich, the entrance is instant! If you learn, there is no production skill, 0 difficulty, 100%Successful


Significant egg yolk 3, cream 200g, milk 100g, excipient sugar 15g, sweet taste, roasted process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Milk caramel pudding practice steps

1 Oven 180 degrees preheated, other materials are prepared.

2 cream + milk + sugar.

3 Microwave 1 is heated for 1 minute.

4 Pour in the egg yolk, and mix evenly.

5 After sieving to the baking bowl.

6 baking tray is cold water.

7 is a preheated oven, 170-180 to bake 25-30 minutes.

8 Super simple.

9 tender and smooth, delicious!


1, cream + milk + sugar, microwave heating for one minute, sugar is almost melted.2, the mixed egg liquid should not forget the sieve, and the screen is more delicate.