Significant eggs 2, milk 150ml, cocoa powder 30g, excipient white sugar amount, sweet taste, roasted process, one hour time, simple difficulty,

Cocoa pudding practice

1 milk into the pot, open a small fire.

2 is added to the stirring while adding cocoa powder, cook until the milk is slightly boiled, and then ounces for 5 minutes.

3 egg yolk egg clear separation

4 egg yolk plus white sugar

5 to dry the cool, can be injected into the egg liquid several times, and then the mix is even more milk.

6 pudding sieve

7 置 20 minutes to be bubbled (the big bubble can be stamped by a toothpick)

8 oven 150 degrees preheated, bake for 10 minutes

9 When you are cooling, you can cover the chronic fiber ice.