"I bought the baby, my baby is enough, I have been put in my home for forgetting to eat the sanitary time. I have been looking out, I have been expired, I think it is very delicious, so I added an egg to give Baby has done a presence of tea, baby super likes to eat. "


Main material Wangzi milk 125ml, 2 eggs, 1 accessories, 1 electric oven, 1 manual eggbeater / double (/ chopstick), original taste, unknown difficulty,

Milk egg pudding practice steps

1: All materials are ready for standby.

2 Prepare a roast bowl, 2 eggs baked in the bowl.

3 Use manual eggs or chopsticks to quickly mix eggs.

4 Combined eggs poured into 125 ml of Wangzi Milk, using manual meat eggs or chopsticks to fuse the milk and egg liquid together.

5 Preheating 190 degrees in advance for 10 minutes in advance.

6 Stir well egg liquid into a preheated oven for 190 degrees to roast 20 minutes.


1. The oven temperature and time are adjusted according to their own conditions. 2, the home without Wangzi milk can be replaced with pure milk. 3, baked Wangzi milk roast eggs can put some fruit or Oli as approved according to the baked Wangzi milk roasting.