"Bean milk cloth, a small dessert, sweet and not greasy, the entrance is instant. You don't need the oven to do a small dessert. Just put the ingredients into the pot and stir it to bubble, it is also possible. Very easy to learn. "


INDUSTRY SOYBEAN MILK300 ml, milk 150 ml, white sugar 30 grams, fish film 15 grams, accessories corn starch 10 grams, soybean powder, sweet flavor, mixing process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Practice for bean milk pudding

1 Prepare the ingredients.

2 fish film with ice bubbles soft spare.

Put Soybean Milk in 3 pots. If you use sweet Soybean Milk and sweet milk, the amount of sugar is used to reduce Half.

In the 4 pot, put a hundred or fifty millis of milk, 30 grams of white sugar and ten-grant corn starch were mixed, slowly cooked with a small fire, stir the boiling, preventing the block, cooking to the bubble.

5SOYBEAN MILK is mixed after the fire is mixed, and the soft fish film is placed evenly.

6 Distribute the Soybean Milk Pudding into small parts, put the refrigerator for four hours.

7 Don't like soy flour, wait for the pudding to get it directly.

8 You can also pour the soy flour into the net screen and gently sprinkle on the surface of the pudding.