"It's cold, natural food is also oil. Hawthorn is a good food, greasy, weight loss, no matter how it does, I love it. Remember when I was young, the favorite is this hawthorn can."


Main material, the right amount of hawthorn, the amount of rock sugar, the amount of water, the amount of guman, sour taste, boiled process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Practices for hawthorn cans

1 Add a little flour to clean the hawthorn.

2 Wash the hawthorn.

3 If you have a nuclear tool, you will check the hawthorn.Without the nuclear tool, you can replace it with a thick suction or cap.

4 Going to the nucleus is more convenient.

5 milk pots are burned and put them into hawthorn.

6 is placed in a rock sugar in the middle, and the amount of rock sugar is added according to his preferences.

7 Cook to the soup and stick it.Points to add a pantry flower incense before the fire.

8 Let's cool the bottle, put the refrigerator and save it, and eat it within one week.