"Warm-warm sugar in winter."


Ingredients Apple, pears HALF, several jujubes, Wolfberry, old brown sugar Two block, sweet taste, stewing process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Jujube Apple Sugar Practice Steps

1 ingredients are ready.

2 Apple is clean (can not peeled) slice.

3wolfberry jujube apple is placed in a pan, add a sufficient amount of water, boil.

4 pears to core, slice.

5 After boiling, add the pear, continue to cook for a small fire for about fifteen minutes.

6 Keep a small fire.

7 old brown sugar.

8 Add sugar, then cook for five minutes, turn off.

Warm and jujube apple sugar water.

10 is finished, warm.


Apple pears can be peeled, or you can't go.