"Freshlismous Gumble Lemon Honey Juice --- Gospel of Slim Strong People and Constipation Patients ~"


Non-fruits, fruits, drums, honey, 10g, accessories, cool, other crafts, 10 minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice for gumble lemon honey juice

1 Prepare TWO root fruit, pollucked and HALF lemon

2 wash cut small block

3 lemons are divided into fruit skin, fruit, and fruit three parts; the peel can be bubble, the fruit is juiced, and the fruit is discarded.

4 Put the chopped fruit, squatting and lemon flesh into the juice machine, add 150ml cool white

5 start stirring 15s

6 pour into the filter

7 Filter out of the residue (you can omit this step)

8 Filter good juice to add honey

9 Stir until honey is completely melted to make a cup to eat.


Honey is added after the juice is filtered, and there will be a lot of bubbles.