"Hundreds of full of fruits have detoxification and beauty, promote metabolism, clear intestine, anti-inflammatory effect. The taste of the hundred fragrance is sweet and delicious, can be thrown thirst. The rich amino acid is conducive to the recovery of damage to the tissue cells. Often drink hundreds of full fruitIt can be treated with swallowing and preventing sound hoarse. "


Main material, 2 lemon, 1 case of excipient honey, pure water, other taste, squeezing process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Popular juice

1 TWO passion fruit, cut from the middle, the meat and seeds of the fruit use a spoon, buckle out

2 lemons cut, put the seeds out

3 put lemon with hand to extrude such lemon juice

4 and then pour the lemon juice into the passion fruit

5 Add an appropriate amount of honey, love to drink someone, put more points, love more, depending on people

6 then add the appropriate amount of pure water, this pure water is a warm water boiling water

7 Such a cup of paragrant juice is done, if there is a condition, add some ice, it is more tasteful.

8 is especially delicious, drink, cold drink shop plus a little ice cubes to sell ten dollars a cup.