"This is the same as Naixue. He domineering pineapple is fragrant, the taste is fresh and special, and the hundred full of fruit is conquered by pineapple."


Ingredients pineapple 80g, passion fruit 20ml, four seasons spring tea soup 250ml, ice sugar 45ml, accessories ice cubes 180g, other tastes, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Domineering pineapple artificial practice steps

1 Step 1: Put 80 grams of pineapple in the Xicke Cup;

2 Step 2: Smash pineapple

3 Step 3: Add Ice Cubes 180g

4 Step 4: Add hundredspere fruit 20ml

5 Step 5: Four Seasons Spring Tea Soup 250ml

6 Step 6: Ice Sugar 45ml

7 Step 7: Xueke is even

8 Steps: Finally, it will be completed.

9 drinks will be done.