"In the hot summer, eating ice cream is the best end method, the children are super love, you can try. ♡"


Master milk 180 ml, 100 grams of chocolate ice cream powder, 100 grams of excipient water, milk flavor, frozen process, hourly time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Practices for chocolate ice cream

1 Mix 180 ml of milk and 100 ml of water.Bamboo

2 Put the chocolate ice cream powder into the milk and stir well.Bamboo

3 As shown in the figure, stand for fifteen minutes.Bamboo

4 After standing for 15 minutes, play it evenly for four minutes by using the eggs.Bamboo

5 is filtered.Bamboo

6 Put it in the refrigerator for seven hours.Bamboo

7 is done.Bamboo


Chocolate powder can't be too too much, it is too easy to suffer.Bamboo