Significant green beans, pure milk moderate, accessories Glutinous Rice powder is appropriate, rock sugar mode, original taste, freezing process, three times time, simple difficulty,

Mung bean ice cream practice steps

1 Prepare all ingredients.

2 green peas and cold water.

3 mung beans are cooked, put in a rock sugar for a while.

4Glutinous Rice powder is placed in milk.

5 Stir well.

6 Pour into the pot.

7 is boiled, and the fire slowly cooks the glutinous rice powder thick, cooked and cool.

8 sorbet abrasive cleaning is clean.

9 cool green bean paste pour in the abrasive tool.

10 Cover the lid and put it in the refrigerator for more than 5 hours.

11 mung bean ice cream is fine.

12 Tasting the taste is great.


If you like to eat sweet, you can put more rock sugar, white sugar can, do it yourself in the summer, clean and hygiene, eat with confidence.