"The weather is more hot after the summer heat, and the high price of the heat is high, ice cream is not as low as a low fat, it is not as low as a low-fat milk. It is not more than ice cream. In addition, add the fruit and more eye-catching, heat Low, sour and cool and cool, can also supplement the lack of nutrition caused by the hot and no appetite. "


The main material is a pot of yogurt, the applied strawberry is appropriate, the dragon fruit is moderate, the sour taste, the fried process, TWO is time consuming, ordinary difficulty,

Fruit fried yogurt practice steps

1 yogurt fried ice tray is frozen in advance for 10 hours, taken out before, ready for the original yogurt, strawberry, fire dragon.

2 The freezing fried ice tray does not need to plug, don't stand in the room temperature, take out before use, the ice disc is very thin at room temperature, which is a thin layer of ice, this is to condense the water in the surrounding air, no need Clean up.

3 pour 80-120 ml of the original yogurt on the fried ice tray.

4 Place the yogurt with your own shovel, stand for 1-2 minutes, the longer the time, the more yogurt is solidified.

5 Use the shovel along the edges.

6 Mix strawberry and sour ice.

7 Use the map to see the fabrication of soft acid milk ice: the time after yogurt is flat, the time is shorter than 1 minute, add the right amount of dragon butter butter.

8 The rest of the yogurt and the fruits are another plate of soft acid ice, sweet and sweet, cool and cool.

9 fruit fried yogurt, nutritious low fat, cool and smooth!


1. Fried ice traps can also be fried juice, it and traditional heating "fried" is not a concept, "fried" is just the performance of the action, and it is actually the principle of cooling the solids in the liquid; so the fried disk is needed The refrigerator is freezed for more than 10 hours to use; after use, rinse it with cool water, and then go back into the refrigerator to refrigerate, which can greatly shorten the freezing time; 2. Continuous speculation, then, yogurt is more prolonged, do not rush in the middle Water, directly put the material on the fried ice tray to the next operation again.