125 grams of light cream, 250 ml of milk, 150 grams of red bean sand, 25 grams of cotton sugar, milk flavor, frozen process, hourly time, simple difficulty,

Red bean sand milk ice cream practice steps

1 ingredients: light cream, milk, red bean sand, cotton sugar.

2 Pour 125 grams of light cream and 150 grams of red bean sand in the plastic box.

3 Phase the electric eggbeater at high speed.

4 Next, add a cotton candy.

5 Add milk.

6 Made with electric eggbeater low speed.

7 Then, cover the cover and place the ice cream in the refrigerator freezer.

After 81 hours, the surface forms an ice layer, take it out, stir it once, and then frozen.

9 Finally, it was stirred again after 1 hour.

10 All freezes inside the ice cream are all.