"This ice cream is stirred with ice cream machine, and the ice cream made with this method is very soft. It is necessary to refrigerate with the refrigerator. At the same time, the ice bucket of ice cream machine is relatively high, it takes minus 18 degrees, frozen 12 Other use can only be used, otherwise the effect is very poor. "


Made of milk 240 grams, 100 grams of cream, 2 accessories eggs,


80 grams of sugar, milk flavor, frozen process, hourly time, simple difficulty,

Practice for cream ice cream

1 Master mens: 250ml of milk, 100 grams of cream, 2 eggs.

2 Put the eggs, milk, and sugar into the bowl.

3 Stir well well.

4 Then add the microwave to heating to the micro-opening state.

5 is taken out and let it cool.

6 cream is hit to the viscous.

7 Pour the cold egg milk paste.

8 Stir again again.

9 Remove the frozen ice bucket and put it into an ice cream machine.

10 Pour the ice cream.

11 Start the ice cream machine, I will refrigerate ice cream in about 30 minutes.

12 I like hard-lived points can continue to be put into the refrigerator.

13 can taste it.


1. No ice cream machine can be put directly into the refrigerator, but it is time to stir. 2, the amount of sugar can be increased as or decreased according to your own taste.