"I am lazy, use the Moon Cake ready-to-mix powder, you can use the hot oyster medicine."


Significant is 4, 1 paragraph of yam, 2 moon cake pre-mix powder,


1 spoon of sugar, sweet taste, other processes, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Shannice Woy citrus practice steps

1 Yam washed and peeled.

2 wash it again.

3 slices in the steamer.

4 Steamed.

5 Take the Moon Cake ready-made powder.

6 Pretty hot pear directly.

7 mix, put the white sugar, can not put white sugar in advance, do not prepare the pink is not familiar.

8 mix well.


10 peeled.

11 take the mountain pill.

12 put on the wo, cover up.

13 cut the pendulum.

14 finished products.