"Banana muffins, very simple production, no oven, the pan in the pan, the taste is soft, especially suitable for home, afternoon tea small Desserts."


Ingredients with 1,70g, low-gluten flour 70g, pure milk 70ml, 1 egg, osmanthus sauce1 spoon, raisin, milk flavor, fried process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Banana muffins practice steps

1 Prepare main ingredients: pastries with wheat flour, eggs, pure milk, bananas.

2 Put a banana, 70 ml of milk and an egg into the cupping machine.

3 Add a paste with wheat flour 70 grams.

4 Mix uniform particles with drawing Zs.

5 Prepare no sticky pan, no need to brush oil, open the least fire, put the muffin in the spoon, cavity, can see a lot of air cave.

6 When you turn over, you can take it out for 15 seconds.

7 All Operations Complete the banana muffins into the dish, add a spoonful of osmanthus sauce, put raisins, oatmeal decoration.

8 afternoon tea small pastries banana muffins are made, the finished product is soft, simple and fast, no oven, adult children love to eat.


1. Making muffins is best used with a non-stick pan, good operation, the pot is preferably thicker than the bottom, it is not easy, or it can put a thermally conductive plate under the pot to reduce the temperature of the pot. 2. Cakes with wheat powder is low-gluten flour, can't replace other flour, otherwise it will not be soft. 3. Banana is sweet, no additional sugar, can choose white sugar according to the taste.