"All pear version and sliced ​​children's hugarbei rock sugar steamed pear, individual thinks the whole pear version does not have other advantages, practical, recommended sliced, moisten cough, fresh and refreshing, very suitable for autumn and winter."


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Chuanbei rock sugar pear practice steps

1 This is Chuanbei bought by the pharmacy.

2 Processing into a powder with a mixer powder, no mixer can also invite the pharmacy to help powder.

3 The hit Sichuan powder does not need to be particularly fine.

4 Sydney washed and peeled down the top.

5 Take the empty fruit core, pay attention not to dig.

6 Add a rock sugar to 45 grains in the pear.

7 Add 5 grams of Chuanbei powder.

8 cover well.

9 open water, steamed 30-40 minutes.

10 bowls will evaporate the pear juice, which can be drunk and don't waste it.

11 Now let's talk about Sydney to Sydney to wash and cut the thick piece.

12 put into the stew.

13 Each stewed pot plus TWO three rock sugar.

14 is sprinkled with 2-3 Kawa Pub.

15 open water, steam for 30 minutes.

16 juice water is in the stew.

17 cold eating can be used.