"The Christmas breath is getting rich, this handcake apple is also very comfortable."


Main material Apple, 2 handcakes, 1 egg yolk, the amount of honey, the amount of red, sweet taste, roasted craft, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Christmas cookie practice steps

1 Prepare all ingredients.

2 hand cake thawled in advance, then rolled up from the outside, rolling into an apple size.

3 Then, the up and down TWO will push it in the inside, and the apple shape is concave.

4 Apple clean and clean.

5 Put the apple pieces into the handcakes.

6 brush a layer of honey red rare to the surface of the apple, so that the color is better.

7 brushes the egg yolk in the hand.

8 Go to the hand to catch the cakes, give Apple to make an apple handle, but also brush the egg yolk.

9 The oven is preheated to 190 ° C in advance, and the baking tray is placed.

10 The oven is set to 190 ° C for 15 minutes.

11 Grilled was released.

12 Decorative on a mint leaf looks more like Apple.