"This quantity is relatively large, suitable for me to do a lot of type. You can do all ingredients in division"


Cocoa hurricane cake, egg, 6th low-gluten flour 100g, cocoa powder 10g, sugar 90g, corn oil 60ml, milk 80ml, lemon juice, 20g of coffee, 20g, rum 40g, hot water 100g, Folded part of the whipped cream 250g, 4 ovars, fine sugar, 6 pieces of Geely Ding, 500g, Masca Pella 500g, cocoa powder, sweet taste, roasted process, one hour, normal difficulty,

Practice of the cake version of Tiramsu

1 First make a hurricane cake tablet, egg white egg yolk separation.

2 egg yolk is added to corn oil and milk, stir evenly.

3 Screen into low-gluten flour and cocoa powder.

4 is mixed evenly.

5 Eggs were added three times to add white sugar to send, and there is a falling triangle to mention the eggbeater.

6 Add the egg yolk to add the protein, mix well, pour into the baking tray, bake for 20 minutes (10 minutes in advance), and the hurricane cake is done.

The 7 Geely Ding film is soft in cool water.

8 Make coffee water: mix the coffee powder, hot water, and rum, mix well into coffee water.

9 egg yolk 50 grams fine granulated sugar, add soft Geely Dirty, heating melts (must be heated with a small fire, water temperature should not be too high, can't boil).

10 Join Masca Penche, and heat mixed to no particles.

11250 grams of cream added 50 grams of sugar (can also be reduced to 25 grams of sugar) to get 60%, similar to a thick yogurt, a textured road, but will soon disappear.

12 Mix the cheese paste with light cream.

13 Add some coffee water to the brightening paste.

14 On the bottom of the mold, a layer of cake is placed, sweep the coffee water, pour the cream cheese paste. Repeat this operation, you can do a TWO layer or three floors.

15 Sprinkle a layer of cocoa in the top.

16 Refrigerator is refrigerated for 2 hours, and eat it.


This quantity is relatively large, suitable for me. Everyone can do all ingredients in division.