"Making ice cream must be cooked. Because ice cream is frozen, it is a cool variety. When making, utensils, utensils, containers must strictly disinfect, ensure that health safety is unlucky. General eggs are more than 75 degrees Celsius, Killing most of the microorganisms, there is a must be cooked, and my country's health law has strict regulations and requirements. Below, the first ice cream since the production of early summer, because of adding vanilla, it is called "cream vanilla ice cream "."


Main material, 250ml, egg TWO, 100 grams of eggs, 50ml, butter 10 grams, corn starch 4 grams, accessories vanilla 2 grams, 2 grams of vegetables, 30 grams of sugar, salt 1 gram, sweet taste, other crafts , Hourly time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Practices for cream vanilla ice cream

1 fresh milk 250ml, 10 grams of eggs, 2 grams of vanilla, 2 grams of big vegetables, 50ml of oil cream, 10 grams of butter, 3 grams of sugar, 1 gram of salt, 4 grams of corn starch.

2 Put the eggs with eggbeater and make it slightly viscous.

3 and then pour 250ml in the milk pot, 2 grams of vanilla smear, 2 grams of big vegetables powder, 50ml of oil cream, 10 grams of butter, 3 grams of granulated sugar, 1 gram of salt, 1 gram of the corn starch mix.

4 Sit into the fire in the milk pot, with a small fire, stir the stirring.

5 Make the butter and sugar to melt until boil.

6 After boiling 3 minutes, when the milk mixture is still rolling, the milk is rapidly rolled into the egg liquid, and the electric eggbeater is used to speed.

7 Clean the eggs full fusion slurry delicate and no particles.

8 Pour the mixed ice cream milk milk into the plastic box and cool, start with a spoon every 5 minutes, stir three times, stir all 10 minutes, every time you have to mix.

9, wait for thorough cooling, cover the plastic box to cover the cover into the fragrance room.

10 The mixture was taken out from the refrigerator every 10 minutes until it was thick, and then stirred once every 30 minutes, and finally the freek can be stored in the freezer.

11 When you eat, take out the fresh-keeping box with ice cream wound and you can eat it.


Vanilla ice cream Tit: color is light yellow, smell, rich in milk, delicate taste, delicious, rich nutrients. Tips: 1, before making ice cream, use boiling water to boil the steel basin, egg the tool head, to disinfect thorough. 2, when boiled milk mixture, if you use a small fire, it is best to use the induction cooker, so it is not easy to boil, and the stirring is not allowed. 3, when the milk is pour in the egg, it is necessary to quickly stir it with egg, so that there is a particle, the more delicate and better, until hoping.