"Now I like to eat turtle paste, I realize that it is really a great health. It has nourishing yin and kidney, moistening the skin care, eliminating acne, conditioning the viscera, clearing and detoxifying skin texture and constipation, can Promote new gratitude and enhance the efficacy of human immunity. Brought to colleagues to colleagues on the evenings, it has quickly verified its effect. The next morning, everyone is refreshing, haha! It is now in major supermarkets. Turtle cream sells, who will let you like to do it, buy a few bags of turtle paste powder, you can simply play, the finished products and supermarkets are exactly the same, just taste is bitter, comparative. But if you join honey effect should be more Some. And this kind of turtle paste powder is 250 grams, 30 grams can be a big box, one pack is 6-8 yuan, like to eat more more comparable, and you can join any yourself Fruits and other desserts, compared to the supermarkets to sell a single distribution honey to meet the taste, it is said that this kind of turtle cream powder is the most authenticity of Zhangzhou production. I like to have a box, it is a box to go to the unit, it is good. Shoushine dessert, will be welcomed by everyone! Of course, all diet is good, not for everyone, due to turtle cream promotes blood circulation and belongs to food, so women during menstruation and pregnant women should not eat, spleen and stomach Weak, no gastrointestinal function is not good. "


Main material turtle paste powder 30 grams, excipient cool water, 600 grams of hot water, the right amount of yellow peach, red jujube acid milk, bitter taste, boiled process, HALF hours, ordinary difficulty,

Practice step of yogurt yellow peach turtle paste

1 Prepare a sealed container.

2 Turtle paste powder Pour into the cooking pot to dilute to no particle state with cool water.

3 is rolled into the hot water by stirring and placed on the furnace to boil and stir it.

4 Pour the slightly splicted turtle cream into the container into the container, cool, it is more frozen, and the refrigerator is better than the refrigerator.

5 Prepare frozen turtle cream, yellow peach and yogurt.

6 Take a proper amount of turtle cream in a bowl with a spoon.

7 Join your favorite yellow peach separately.


1. The turtle paste to buy the turtle paste powder is slightly bitter than the supermarket. If you think if you add a proper amount of honey, if you add a proper amount of honey, do you affect the shape? Waiting for practice. 2, the forming turtle cream can also be mixed with honey or a variety of favorite fruits. 3, turtle paste powder, some big supermarkets or Taobao are sold.