"The weather is very hot, it is not right! The weather is best for eating ice! Especially about the girl is eating ice is just a good time! And the men and women will eat frustrated ice is you, it is really romantic! Taiwan is like thisSub! I don't know if the mainland is like this! I also like to eat frustration! So after the recipe will be related to ice, let my summer more ice! "


Animal mango, auxiliary ice, a little, beautifully breast, beautiful taste, skill craft, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice for cool mango

1 Ice cubes are put on, etc. It is a bit solubated. You have to prepare the stirrer to put the ice cubes and mix the mineral water. It will turn into a broken ice.Cross the raspberry, three minutes!


The cool fruit frustration will not be very sweet, it is very refreshing! Very good! But don't eat too much! I will kill you! Hey!